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Hi everyone,

My name is Josh, I am the owner of Anscombes handmade soaps,

A bit about me

The recent and at this time still on going pandemic has changed the way we all live however, the one and only good thing that this gave me, was time, time to setup a small soap business with the hope to expand into other areas of cosmetics such as candles and lip balms, most importantly it gave me a break from my part time job to really give it my all and create a small business that really does offer something for everyone,

About the business

Whilst some small businesses like to focus on having a single thing that sets them apart from the competition, i have always wanted to make my products the best in as many aspects as possible.

For example when first setting out what I wanted to package our soaps in I knew whatever I chose had to be as eco-friendly as possible, and this wasnt an easy process as my bank account soon found out. Finally I found the near perfect packaging as I now use clingfilm derived from sugarcane waste which is 100 percent recyclable as well as recyclable labels and as for the labels themselves I have spent a lot of time ensuring they are where i want them to be with each one colour coded to the soap as best they can to ensure that they dont take focus away from some of the wonderful colours we have available.

I knew once I had found the perfect packaging that this couldnt be where we stopped in making sure the business has as little negative impact on the environments around it as possible, I had to make it so that not only was the packaging up to scratch in this regard but also the production process and especially the equipment used, whilst many businesses may use one-use gloves you have to put into general waste after, I ensure we use one-use gloves that are of the same design as the clingfilm, as personally I feel like the eco-friendly packaging is only a front and its even more important that the things behind the scenes are just as often checked for areas of improvement in this regard.

Aswell as our eco-friendly endeavors I also wanted to have as wide a variety for customers to choose from, we currently have SLS clear and white soap base available with a wide variety of fragrances and colours, but this isnt the end of the line for our soapy plans, I also want to have goats milk soaps available by the middle of the year in even wider varieties.

I hope this gives you a better insight into my business, there is much more to come. Please contact me with any questions you might have.

Thanks, Josh.


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