Tiny Habits

Tiny Habits

We explore the idea of implementing tiny habits into our working day to help improve productivity.

"Building new habits to replace the old is easier than giving up something"Happy New Year. Our biggest intention this year is to help provide the craft community with more via the site. More can be limitless and so may never be reached but we hope you will enjoy the many improvements to come.

To help us achieve our intentions, we will be implementing tiny habits by BJ Fogg PhD, into our daily work. Here is a quick overview of how you could use tiny habits too.

1. Clarify an aspiration or intention.
You may want to look after yourself better, you may want to become more financially secure or learn something new. Write down what you would like to achieve.

2. Explore behaviour options
Be very optimistic and think of some life changing goals that fit with your intention. So that could be to become debt free, able to run a marathon or perhaps to be fluent in French.

3. Match yourself with specific behaviours
These are your golden behaviours. Matching yourself to something you know you can easily do that will also have an impact relating to what you want to achieve.. Make a debt payment, walk, use a language app.

4. Start with tiny habits
Once you know the golden behaviour you can start tiny. Pay under 10 off of a credit card. Walk, Spend five minutes learning a language.

5. Find a good prompt
It is important to think about a good prompt. This is something that you already do each day. After making lunch, sit down and make a small payment to your credit card. After getting dressed in the morning, go for a short walk. When you first get home, make a cup of tea and then spend five minute learning a language.

6. Celebrate success
Perhaps one of the most important parts of developing a new habit is to celebrate each time you complete your tiny habit. A little dance, punch the air, say well done out loud etc. This little reward will train your brain to want to do the tiny habit again and again. It is not the repetition that builds and neuters the habit, it is successfully completing the tiny habit. Which is why you start small.

It is easier to build a new positive habit to replace an old habit than to just give something up.

We hope this year will bring you everything you aim for and more.

If you like the sound of incorporating a tiny habit into your day, it is worth just having it a go.


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