Behind the idea

Behind the idea

Here is our little business. It all started a year ago. We were thinking “we’d come up with a little business” but not a business built on profit, but instead on principals and beliefs.

A business that we both can believe in.

We are working on somethings that can reminded us of our childhood memories. Those sweet moments when all we cared about was smiling, laughter, great company and a zest for life.

A homemade business designed around supporting local farmers, helping people to shop locally, and helping each other by doing the right thing with our neighbours and community.

So, here we are. We launched it last year starting in Christmas markets in Kent - and we started to share our passion.

And after all the great feedback we had from customers and friends, we have decided to launch a website using Shopify.

So. Amazing friends.
Spread our Jam... Spread the word...
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