Anyone else feel like their spinning plates

Anyone else feel like their spinning plates

So, this is my very first blog having just joined this site and already I am impressed by the amount of crafters who really seem to have got it together in the craft world with the shop site, the fairs set up, the Instagram posts, the branding...I could go on and on! Its inspiring but also a little intimidating as I juggle working, being a mum, having a normal life and also indulging in some craft time. So I thought this year in amongst all this crazyness it would be different as I started to work from home and also was furloughed for a while...lots of time I thought...HOW WRONG I WAS! As I discovered and Im sure alot of you did too...home schooling and craft work DO NOT MIX! So I am attempting to spin my plates and get something done with my little models AND not get intimidated by all the things I have not done yet!


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Thank you.

You are so right. Juggling multiple (often conflicting) focuses is hard. We looked to using tiny habits to try and built daily mini tasks to help keep us on track.

Keep going to succeed.

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