Is it Christmas yet

Is it Christmas yet

The end of another week. I have completed some gorgeous advent calendars for a customer and played around with mixed media in the form of personalised baubles. I have also made some Christmas egg holders that i think would look great with a bath bomb in or one of those eggs with a toy inside.

I am really pleased with them, however I am in a limbo land at the moment as it seems that craft fairs are being cancelled left right and centre. The online and virtual craft fairs are full and im not sure how they work anyway. The question is do I need to make anymore stock? Will I suddenly get an influx of orders on line like I did last year. How is everyone else generating business? It does seem to have been slow this year and my large new craft room is slowly filling with unsold items which takes me on to my next question.

I have been contemplating a more professional finish to the photos I take of my products. usually they are on a surface with all the normal stuff behind, however I have noticed others having backgrounds of wood with bits of holly and twig, very nicely placed. So it would seem I have to move with the times and instagram my finished projects to make them look worthy. Im sure many of you have seen the instagram houses where nothing is out of place and there are no dribble marks on the wooden floor from the dog... Do you have a background you use for your photos and does it make a difference to your sales.

So a funny old week I suppose, while its been productive apart from my slips into a black hole of Find my past and searching for long gone relatives. I have however become rather thoughtful about my craft business and what steps to take to move it forward. I know its the curse of 2020 and hopefully we will have some normality next year and I can finally start attending fairs and selling my crafts.


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