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Maybe you are familiar, or maybe you are not, but SunAndCedar has been breathing since 2017, and have been creating art and apparel that stand for environmental issues ever since. After taking a break due to a worldwide pandemic -Yes, only that couldve stopped us- We are back and relaunching our brand with new and updated content and products!

During this time, we have had much time to think and establish exactly what we want SunAndCedar to be, and how we can encourage and educate.

So what is new you may be asking?

We are now collaborating with brilliant and upcoming artists. These designs are no longer just created by our inhouse artist, but by artists all over the world with their own unique styles! This both caters to YOU, giving our audience far more variety of designs to choose from in our shop, but also creates exposure for these very talented artists. Each artist link will be on the artist page.
We have added permaculture into our values, and while working on growing our own food here, we will be sharing our knowledge and tips for you to see and follow along, and hopefully improve your green living.
We are now working on video content to share to educate and entertain the young and the old, as well as create blogs, as you may have noticed here!

So ultimately, our new and updated goal is to bring to light environmental issues that seem to be ignored, as well as encouraging the growth of ones own food, and ultimately reducing your carbon footprint. This means that every package you receive will be packed in eco-friendly packaging, and you will be seeing more educational content, as well these new exciting updated designs!

We would love to see what you think of the changes and if you have any ideas yourself as to how we can make SunAndCedar the best it can be!


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