Lockdown easing and bouncing back

Lockdown easing and bouncing back

The lockdown rules continue to be eased across the UK. Each country is easing the restrictions at a different speed but all seem to be moving in the same direction. The easing of the restrictions does not mean that the virus has gone away just yet. It is in general circulation according to the current alert level 3. We all need to keep ourselves safe and to look after the people around us by being responsible and respectful. The more effective we are at slowing the spread of the virus the better the community will be.

Everyone should follow the guidelines but you do not need to aim for the lowest level of compliance. Raising the bar will help people to feel safer and will appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Now is a great time to be working on your listings. Updating your shop window and adding additional items that could be indexed in Google within a few weeks. Time has an impact on getting noticed, as adding items to your shop creates a new page for each, it is important to list as many as you can as soon as you can. The same applies to events you are now planning for the future.

We hope for a much better few months ahead. Our actions, planning and forward thinking will help increase the success of the community as a whole.

Stay safe.


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