another week in lock down

another week in lock down

hi my lovelies I did say I would try and blog once a week, and here we are.

It has been an eventful week for me as hubby was taken into hospital again! although that seems like a normal thing at the moment. Anyway two things happen when he is in hospital, I craft longer and eat less. Both of which are always a plus.

This week I discovered the joys of 3d mandalas cut on my trusty scan and cut. Oh my word they look stunning and I am addicted. I also have Mandela letters and have been having a lot of fun with them too. I will be expanding my lists to include these as they are quite beautiful and I have included a picture for you to see how lovely they are.

I have also been playing with some of the many hundreds of dies I have bought and either never used or only used once. Included in this was a Tattered Lace die the Stupendous Square Box. The box is sturdy but I think needs some practise as putting it together is not easy. However , the idea is you have 6 smaller boxes inside and Ive been playing around with the idea of making it into an advent calendar. Watch this space.

Does anyone else miss the sunshine when they are squirrelled away in their craft room? While I have an amazing view from my craft room, I will be sitting in the garden over the weekend to try and reduce my normal pallor with more freckles, I never go brown just get more freckles. Hopefully in a few weeks I will be sitting in my new craft room as we are moving. My new office will be the garden room downstairs and leading out to a beautiful garden. So there will be crafting in the garden and I will be leaving paper trails around the patio instead of the landing carpet. I am always covered in glitter and tiny bits of paper and card. Anyway fingers crossed that the move happens.

I am currently working on my website which is taking me much longer than I thought partly down to the fact I get distracted with a new idea or die and feel a little daunted by the idea of building a site. If anyone has any suggestions for a good, cheap site that helps you build websites I would greatly appreciate it. I keep being told that I need a web presence however I do wonder how successful websites for handmade cards are? Does a photo give the same impact of seeing a 3d card real life?

Well I can see it still is important to have that web presence so I will try to create a beautiful site. I do have a page on Facebook and was wondering if I could link this page to my account. Is this possible? It would make things so much easier to keep everything up to date.

Anyway the website is calling, have a fabulous week and keep safe.


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It is great idea to work from the garden. We were told that you should not put a garden office under a tree. However, we have found the shade invaluable, especially during May when it was really hot. We did not have much choice on location within the garden but it has really worked well. We hope you enjoy your new garden room.

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