Hi all,
Well while I am an old hand and crafting and card making this is at the first time Ive gone public. It is a little scary and I know there is lots of competition out there especially for card making which is why I try to be as unique as possible. my memory albums and pop up boxes are really popular and I would love to share them with you all.

I am hoping to begin attending craft fairs selling my cards and gifts and joining in the crafting community, so your help and guidance will be greatly appreciated.

So I began crafting 21 years ago just before my first marriage ended, it was a way of keeping me sane. To be fair crafting and my craft room are still my happy place and my husband will tell you that he knows once I have entered my room I will be lost for hours. I now try and limit it to 9 to 5 Monday to Friday but sometimes I cheat and I can be found in there at weekends. I didnt always have the luxury of a craft room initially I used the dining room table and had boxes and boxes of crafting bits that I used to drag out every weekend. I am now lucky enough to have a lovely room with a fabulous view and I will be honest it is crammed full with my crafty bits.

I have a love of die cutting in particular and I have both electronic dies and metal. However I also love stamping and drawing and I am currently teaching myself the art of quilling.

I set up Something Special about Julie last year with the intention of going public after giving up work. As with everyone life got in the way and its only now I feel able to launch my love of all things handmade and hopefully I will be able to create something beautiful for you and your loved ones.

Please dont think that you are limited to any set menu of cards, I can make whatever you want to suit every hobby. Just ask and I will create.

I am setting myself a diary entry and I will be keeping you up to date with my makes at least once a week. it would be lovely to hear from you.

Speak soon xx


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