Changing in the way we work during this pandemic

Good Morning everyone, I am a recycler of many different items I major in making leather bags from old leather furniture , bags from lorry tyre inner tubes, plus old saddles, old leather and suede clothing etc. All of my sources have dried up. As I am 75 ( very healthy) and isolating, no skips to dive into , and not being able to go out, no going into local garages for old inner tubes, the question is, do I just fade away into obscurity, put my slippers on, sit in the garden and do suduco of cause not, Iíll have to attack the problem in a different way, thatís what I am doing. So far itís working. Items are being delivered to my driveway( 2 sofas ), thank you, thank you , both anonymous.
I am on ETSY and Folksy, has anyone got other ideas on selling while fairs are closed.


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<p><a href="">Changing in the way we work during this pandemic</a></p>

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