Keeping busy

Going into the 4th week of lockdown , we are so lucky to have a garden to sit in and open spaces to manage our daily exercise.
Just finished our latest project , a woodland kitchen . Geoff made all the furniture out of pieces of tree bark which he conditioned . Really pleased with the result .
Looking into our next project , an art studio in a box room, looking for an old toothbrush to spray the paint about.
Wish everyone well in this very strange and worrying time . Stay safe .


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Miniature creations

Miniature creations

It seems forever since I wrote on my blog but I am now back and raring to go. Since lockdown we have been busy creating new miniatures, coming up with new ideas and generally enjoying what we are doing. Now things appear to be getting back to normality, whatever that is , we have started attending craft fairs and have opened an Etsy shop , which is doing well. Thank you for reading my blog , I will try hard to keep up with it.

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