Setting up your art space

Setting up your art space

Some of us are very fortunate to have a dedicated area at home that we call our own where we create our artwork. But it’s easier said than done. Many of us have families and very limited space to store our art stuff, never mind having enough space to create. Having to unpack and repack your art equipment after each painting session can kill “the moment” and stifle inspiration.

But we artists are very creative in our approach to solving these problems and can come up with ingenious ideas to maximise any available space. I have seen studios under the stairs, where the back of the stairs has been fitted out with shelving, together with a fold down worktable. All the artist’s stuff kept in a stack of plastic drawers.

Corners of rooms fitted with a folding unit that opens and closes. Inside is an amazing array of shelves, worktable, drawers…. This unit I believe was bought from IKEA who have a wonderful range of storage solutions. Once closed, you wouldn’t know this unit is a studio.

I have seen old fashioned suitcases converted into a mobile studio. The lid has all the paints, paper and brushes neatly arranged and supported by elastic and pockets that have been especially made by the artist. The bottom contains a working board that acts as an easel, underneath there is lots of space for other equipment. Easy to store away when not in use.

Other people have fold down tables that are stowed away in a wall or recess, their art equipment is kept in storage boxes.

Areas of the garage has been cleared away, fitted out with a working table, lighting and storage shelves. Sheds, summer houses and conservatories all can be utilised as an art space.

My “studio” is in the roof space of our bungalow that was converted into a room. It acts as a guest room, as well as my workspace when I present webinars. BUT, its mainly used as my art space. This is an area where I can escape the structured existence that we call life.

So, use your imagination and create that space that you can call your own, where you can produce your incredible artwork.


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