Draw every day finding time

Draw every day finding time

Life is busy, busy, busy!

I donít know about you guys, but I find it difficult to draw every day. Itís easier when I am working at home, with free evenings. Once dinner is done and cleared away, I usually do something arty for about two to three hours. Whether it be creating art, updating the website, preparing for a craft show, researching and creating new ideas. Just love this time.

Doodle books!
But I work away for short periods of time, which means travelling. So, came across a few cool ideas. Doodle books. Pictured here is a page from my doodle book which is an A5 sketch book. I draw shapes in different colours squares, circles, ovals, triangles and then my imagination takes over. Using a flow ink pen, I create pictures and scenarios. Really good fun! My doodle book goes with me on the train, in restaurants, to the airport, or even if I am invigilating an exam.

Sketch books
Again, an A5 sketch book or smaller is ideal to tuck into a work rucksack or large handbag. Sketch books are brilliant for:

ē Practice mark making
ē Developing observation Ė especially around Dorset and Hampshire.
ē Providing inspiration for future works Ė autumn leaves in a puddle.
ē Noting down colour combinations Ė I developed an abstract acrylic flow artwork from the inspiration of silver birches.

Mobile phone pictures
Sometimes you are just in a rush and right in front of you is an image, or something that provides inspiration or an idea. Just grab a quick snap of it, because when you see the image again, it will remind you of the feelings that moment provided you. Just grab that moment!

It is difficult to draw every day because life is busy. But you can continue to contribute to your art development in many ways. Consider buying a small sketch book and have a go.


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