Guidelines for artists

Guidelines for artists

During my research, I came across quite a few examples of ďten rules for artistsĒ, which I found quite useful. So, I have taken a combination of them and provided my interpretation which I hope will inspire you. Remember, these are my personal thoughts and I am NOT an expert.

Embrace what makes you unique
Everyone is different and so is our art. When you think about where your art comes from your heart, soul and spiritual being, itís no wonder that your art is different. So, embrace that uniqueness. Donít try to emulate and copy someone else and end up being disappointed. People will see through your art that you are genuine

Be yourself rather than whateverís popular
There is a great deal of discussion within the art world about what is popular and will sell. Especially for artists who depend of selling their art to make a living. Thereís a big advantage to be an amateur who perhaps sells a few pieces to pay for materials. We can all fall into the trap of painting for the market and become disengaged.

Find perseverance in frustration
Yes, frustration is part of your art journey. I usually have three to four pieces of work on the go at the same time and if I get frustrated, I leave that piece and come back to it later. Usually, I will analyse a photo of the painting which will inform where the problems are whether it be conformation, structure, tone Ö In extreme cases, I have painted over a piece to reuse the canvas!

Network, appreciate and learn from otherís art
Learning from other people is one of the best parts of your art journey. Learning how they applied their paint, the colour combos they have used, their styleÖ We are human and we sometimes try to compete with other artists, many of them are brilliant and gifted. Donít try to compete, be yourself and donít get disappointed. Also, we will see works that we consider arenít as good as our own (your opinion), be encouraging and watch your ego!

Put passion into everything you create
Passion speaks volumes. You know if someone is passionate about something because they are animated, and you can hear it in their voice. Itís the same with your art, passion will show through techniques applied, colours used and the movement within the artwork.

Never speak negatively about your art. There is no such thing as ďbad artĒ
Problem is, we never really think that our art is good enough and that can create a negative mantra when we speak about our art. If we donít value our work, why should anyone else? Art is very subjective, people have different preferences in type, style and approaches in artwork. Art is creative and is an interpretation.

Dedicate yourself, nothingís free
Like everything else, practice makes perfect. Well thatís the theory. Practice provides you with confidence in your paintings. Try to draw/paint every day, even if itís a doodle book (there will be a blog on this) which keeps the creative juices flowing. We continually learn from what works and what doesnít.

Donít be afraid to make a statement
Banksy isnít afraid to make a statement, so why should you? Art can be controversial, provide a talking point, press our buttons. Making a statement can be liberating and its surprising the energy that your art will project as this comes from you.

Never stop learning. Donít give up.
Absolutely. This applies to nearly everything in life. Creating and appreciating art is a journey from learning new things, trying out new ideas, new materials, styles and techniques is part of your journey. Sometimes we may get entrenched, bored and just stuck in a rut. Use this time to research and find inspiration in other styles which hopefully will recharge your batteries.
(Adapted from original articles by Vocal Media and Elite Daily)


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