Welcome to my art blog

Welcome to my art blog

Why create a blog post?
Iíve come back to my art after a 30+ year break. You know the score, career as a project/programme management trainer/consultant, family life, full on social life with an all-embracing hobby such as breeding, judging and showing Rough Collies. But one day, I decided that change was required as I am getting older, just lost close family and friends, including my Mum who had dementia. These experiences made me stopped to evaluate what was important in my life. I needed space. So, now semi-retired working ten days per month, resigned from the dog scene and took up running to lose weight and get fitter. Kept my lovely husband though.

But, itís not that easy to just pick up and creating art after such a long period of time.

Writing an art journal
Okay, I own up, I am a journal type person. I tend to write journals for my work, my running, gardening and now my art. Reading back over the entries that I have made in my artwork journal has provided an insight of my experiences and learning over the past twelve months. Hence the idea for this blog post, which I hope will help other people who are thinking of returning to their art or other crafty activities. So, consider writing your own journal noting your experiences, ideas, doodles and other important arty bits.

Just to clarify this series of blogs are my own opinions and experience. Where I have referenced other peopleís ideas such as articles, books etc, they are provided with references. I am not a trained artist with a degree, I have never exhibited, won competitions, or claim to be a professional artist. Just an amateur who enjoys creating, messing with art, learning new techniques, using different media, learning from other artists and researching.

Art for me is a creative space
Finding inspiration, sometimes in unexpected places and then interpreted that inspiration into an artwork. Art is freedom free from structure, social media, schedules, deadlines, emailsÖ.

Art is a journey, a sanctum, an almost spiritual existence where you can ďJust BeĒ.


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