My First Blog ever and it is about my passion

My First Blog ever and it is about my passion

From being young I have always found love and comfort in the world of art and crafts, so at school anything using hands, cooking, knitting, sewing, crochet, etc., etc., I always excelled in.

I spent about 40 years baking and cake decorating, and took this to teaching the skills of sugarcraft, which I still enjoy today - so I offer various cake toppers, and should anyone wish to order something in particular - that is fine.

Since pulling myself away from Wedding Cakes, not long ago, I have turned my hand (and much of my existing equipment) to Art and Craft work. I love to seek out something from either a charity shop or something which is being discarded so that I can attempt to give it another life.

I use quite a lot of different types of crafting, from artwork, decoupage, tissue paper, origami, paper flowers, models, etc., etc., many of which can now been seen in my shop.

I find it interesting to learn how, and when, you got into your style of crafting, or even why you enjoy buying craft work.

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