I have come up with a wonderful new concept so simple and very effective, helping to calm anxiety and enhance Mental Health Recovery.

I own the International Intellectual Property rights to a The Fabric Attachment System for Flowers ( fabric flowers made from recycled wool and other recycled fabric.)

Each petal is individually treated and cut to create the flower design and placed in the D I Y Flower Bag with a booklet and a flower eye, transparent cord for gathering petals and attaching eye. A final touch of Magic, The Fabric Attachment System.

Your versatile beautiful flower can be worn on hats , scarves, coats , skirts , dresses. A loop attachment which I primarily designed to attach to a button on my skirt can be hung on wall hooks too.

The Fabric Attachment System allows for a magnet to be incorporated. I have introduced a simple but effective metal flower stem with a detachable butterfly to compliment your flower.

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