My first ever blog.

I have never blogged before , much to my Grandchildrens disbelieve ! and am really nervous but determined. My first step into miniature making was just over a year ago when , after much persuasion, albeit with a bit of sulking , my Husband took his first step into miniature making by creating for me a replica of Dumbledors office. Things moved on rapidly from there , we both caught the miniature bug and from then on have lived and breathed 1/12th scale miniatures. Currently we are creating a miniature library in a really nice cabinet we were given, lots of work needed on it but hey ho, no pain, no gain!
Creating miniatures is time consuming , fiddly and frustrating, especially when the tweezers have a mind of their own and the thing you have spent the last 30 minutes creating flies into the air never to be seen again . But so much fun thinking up new ideas.
We attend regular craft shows which start in March so busy getting new stock .
Well, my first blog, not too painful. You never know I might even try again.


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Well done. It is great to see people starting to blog. The miniatures you make look great. It would be a really good idea to include a picture with each of your posts.

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