I will be honest, I am completely new to this.

I have recently stopped working to focus on my art and start my own business! My work is primarily Mandala Art, I have a huge pile of originals I have been sifting through today of which I would like to sell, and I have recently started working with third party companies to have my work printed onto a variety of homeware products, including cups, coasters, tote bags, artwork prints, placemats and lots of other lovely little bits.

I would like to venture out into the world of craft fairs, obviously to try and sell some work, but also to meet some like minded people and learn more about the art and craft trades.

I am based in the West Midlands, are there any craft fairs in this area anyone would recommend?

Thank you


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Good luck with your new business.

For events in the West Midlands click on the following link near the top of the page: Craft Fairs, West Midlands Region.

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