Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

Tis the season to be jolly...tra la la la ...well you know the rest and 129303.
For us crafters, tis also the season to make Christmas craft decorations for our customers and craft shows. Many a time is spent making dozens of these ornaments.

As a crocheter, I find its not always easy to decide what kind of ornaments people would like to have on their tree, what their budget is and how many I should get ready in preparation of Christmas stall fairs.

In fact I think 99 percent of the time is that people dont always buy what you expect them to buy. Many a time I have made very few items in a collection as I think that it wont sell as there isnt much detail involved...only to find it sells out at the next instance and then I rush to make more of the sold out items for the next fair..only to find people are interested in another item entirely. My only interest right now is to make the best product I can make with the right sort of materials to give it that special look. There are just far too many ideas running in my head and not enough craft table space to display them all.

On top of that I love making wall hangings that are faux pas taxidermy heads ...although they can take up and sometimes over a week to finish. Unfortunately not everyone can afford it...even though the items are more competitively priced than similar products online. Ive even seen similar items well over x2 the amount I charge. In saying that though I find that those who have bought from me appreciate immensely the time and effort I have spent on making these heads and are glad to purchase them for such a price.

In the meantime, Im completing Christmas orders and making items for the next 3 stalls I have before I get that tree and turkey. Yes I know Im leaving it too late and 128543 and 128543 and 128543 but it always turns out right in the end.

As always check out my ever growing store on Etsy. Details are in my link.

So before I forget I wish all my fellow crafters a very merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance. Take care of yourselves, your mind...and of course, those hands and 10084.

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