Tips and advice for exhibitors

Tips and Advice for Exhibitors.

1. Event organisers have to plan ahead. All event organisers need to know how much income an event will generate before they can arrange advertising and marketing. In addition, they may have to book space at big shows and need to know how much is required (marquee size). The sooner you book an event, the more effectively an organiser can promote the event to the public.
2. Securing space and making sure there are no stalls selling the same products as you is another reason to book as early as possible. In addition, if you leave booking to long, you may find an event is fully booked.
3. Provide an accurate description of your products. For example, just saying ‘Jewellery’ is not very helpful as there are so many types, styles and materials used to make jewellery.

1. Don’t forget to price your goods and make sure those prices are visible.
2. Hang stuff up, if necessary and possible!
3. Provide a mirror if your goods are wearable.
4. Make clever displays.
5. Come up with solutions, so your items don’t get blow around or away.
6. Design custom and eye-catching displays.
7. Try to use recycled materials to create your displays.
8. Make it easy for customers to interact with your goods.
9. Incorporate your branding into your display.
10. Make your stock looks as tantalizing as sweets in the sweet shop!
11. Be creative with your props!
12. Show off items at varying heights.
13. Make sure you have a plain table cover that reaches the ground.
14. Make sure you have lights with you – even if you don’t use them. Bring an extension cable. Use LED bulbs – NOT halogen.
15. Have a cover for you stall for overnight in a marquee.
16. Remember your float and have enough change – especially for bank holidays.
17. Try to have a small 3 ft or 4 ft folding table in case you get extra space.
18. Make sure you tell organisers EXACTLY how much electricity you need.
19. Make sure you have cable ties, sellotape, blu-tack, drawing pins, spare card and a marker pen.
20. Extension cables must always be FULLY unwound. Left coiled up, they are a significant fire risk.
21. Utilize your space effectively.
22. Try to set up your display on different levels.
23. Do not put your stock in the public aisle as it could be a trip hazard.
24. Engage with potential customers – talk to them.
25. Don’t hide behind a book or newpaper.


1. Check the weather forecast and make sure you have the right type of clothing and foot wear.
2. Always keep a spare fleece and coat in your car. Spare footwear can also be useful.
3. Bring an umbrella.
4. Fingerless gloves are very good for cold weather events.
5. Be ‘presentable’ – scruffy or grubby clothing may reduce your sales.


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