My pets help in my painting

Painting with acrylics at home, with 5 pets comes with some very unique situations and effects. When I sit down to paint I finish hours later with four to five paintings ready to dry. Now comes the question: is there enough surfaces at home to dry them safely?

I thought that I had plenty but over time my three cats and two dogs have proven me totally wrong. First experiences were of a sudden commotion in the living room, painting on the floor, upside down, stressed cat with paint on his back - even cleaning him up straight away left him with bright colour at the nape of his neck for days!

Leaving paintings ‘locked’ in my daughter’s room on her high drawer cupboard ended with a cat paw featuring in the middle of two paintings, cat colourful paws all over her white furniture and windowsill - it looks so cool so we left it there, and smudges of paint from the third one on the carpet. Carpet I washed, enough is enough!

Drying on painting trays, out in the open on the floor? Well, no. I finished picking up dog hairs from still wet pictures (yay I caught it early!) and getting them out from dry ones before varnishing - ugh, difficult.
Fun and games finished in taking paintings downstairs, to the vet practice I live above and work in. Hope my staff enjoys exhibitions and 128514.

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