New to blogging

New to blogging

New to this whole blogging thing. I have never been one to communicate with people through blogging or writing of any kind as I prefer to speak to people one on one. I am more of an observer although saying all that everyone agrees that I do write the longest texts and in full format with commas and apostrophes almost reading like essays. Oh well I have tried my best to be like everyone else but find I just have to be myself.

Enough of that and back to this business thingymajing. So I am here because I love amigurumi. It brings me enormous job to create this Japanese style of stuffing toys. I have toy collections of animals ranging from sea animals to land animals to garden animals.

I would like to share all this with the world especially children and adults with child like hearts.

Making it into a business is a whole new unforeseen operation. I am right now trying to create a website, meet all the legal and safety requirements, continue creating, taking pictures, uploading those on social media, keep an eye out for local markets appropriate to showcase my store. That is an awful lot of work for one person to carry on. And yes still look after my children and the home. After all a woman must be able to multi task no matter what.

It is all a learning experience. I will keep you updated hopefully on a weekly basis.

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