New to Uk Craft Fairs

New to Uk Craft Fairs

A quick introduction to my new venture.
I started making candles as a hobby after much testing and not always getting the end result right, I finally nailed it.
I use soy wax which is 100 percent soy and fragrance oils, this is by far the best wax I have used/tested.
My candles are container candles in copper coloured premium tins all eco friendly.

I currently have a range of 9 fragrances and testing more for the Christmas season.
I also offer a personalisation of the tin with wooden initials on the lid.

I absolutely love making candles using a double boiler system, I hand pour each one, I am very passionate about my candles and the finished product.
All my candles are CLP compliant.

I have recently started arts and crafts fairs and enjoy the great interaction with the public and explaining how I make my candles.


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