Believe you CAN until you DID YES

Believe you CAN until you DID YES


What does that mean?

The first step to making any change is to believe you can do it.

Believe you are a person who exercises regularly, who has a healthy body, who has a healthy mind, who looks after themselves, who gets into that summer dress and feels great!

If you believe you are a health conscious active person, that will put you in the best place to then take on your CanDidYes challenge and do the daily action that is needed to hit your goal.

The goal is not overly important. The belief and then the processes are where the magic happens.
As an example (and this can be for any habit change)

Once you decide that you are a health conscious active person (identity + belief) you will then action the daily habits of a healthy conscious active person which is to eat well, exercise, take the stairs instead of the lift, go to the gym, do yoga etc (process)

If you do this daily and believe it and track it, with sensible rewards along the way then you will be sure to get to a healthy weight or drop a dress size (goal)

Imagine you are someone who is fit and healthy. Visualise it...

Do you eat cake and binge and watch TV for hours?

No... If youre fit and healthy youll be walking, eating well and being active. 1 glass of wine instead of 1 bottle. Because youre the type of person who looks after their health and is proud to be fit and healthy... Youre conscious and active. Its who you are and what you do.

Now imagine youre someone who is over weight and trying to lose weight. You identify as a larger person struggling with weight gain. You identify as someone who should lose weight. That needs to lose weight. That ought to lose weight... Its all a bit of a chore right?

You go to the gym because you must , you yearn for cake and you dread the slimming World weigh in on Monday. You have a bottle of wine and say youll do more gym tomorrow or lose more weight next week... Because you should.

The end goal is the same in these two scenarios... But the BELIEF is different.
And that can make all the difference.



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Can Did Yes!

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