Hello my name is Joy and I am a new member

Hello my name is Joy and I am a new member Just thought Id introduce myself. I have just joined UkCrafts and this is my first post. I have been sewing all my life, when I was in my early teens I would make a dress in the afternoon and wear it out to the youth club that night. So it was a surprise to my mother that I failed Needlework class at school, you see I didnt see the point in basting or tacking anything. It used to take a whole term to make an apron!! For heavens sake lets just get on with it .
When my girls were born I started to make their clothes and then started to have some discipline in my work especially when it came time for their prom dresses, their graduation dresses took about as long as a school term!!!!
When they eventually flew the nest I could concentrate on what I wanted to do which was quilt. Twenty years later Im still at it. Ive had success selling on internet sites but I really would like to do a Craft Fair because I think posting a photo does not really show my work properly. Any tips anyone can share as I stumble forwards would be much appreciated. Ive applied for stalls at two local venues and am waiting for availability so hope to have my first Crafty experience very soon........to be continued. Bye for now


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We enjoyed reading your first post. Doing craft fairs is a great way to get instant feedback from customers. Great work.

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