Have you removed single use plastics

Have you removed single use plastics

Removing single use plastics from both our personal and work live can only be a good thing for everyone. We believe that as a business, we have more of a responsibility than the consumer.

"If you are working hard to remove single use plastic then let people know."Have you removed single use plastics from production and sales?

If you have and you would like to let potential customer and organisers know, then you can login and edit the items in your shop. We wanted to enable a the positive on single use plastic free rather than focusing on the products with plastics. Each item can be individually marked.

We have added two new tick boxes. One to show that you do not use single use plastics in sales. For example, not giving out plastic bags, not wrapping your products in plastics to keep them clean etc. The other to show that you do not use single use plastics in the production of your products, which included the product itself.

Our hope is that by being able to highlight products that are single use plastics free, we can all offer customers a better way and a guilt free shopping experience.

We would love your feedback on this. If you have any suggestions, please comment below.


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