Turning off the plastic tap

Turning off the plastic tap

We all know the single use plastic is a big problem and you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to help change the world! Well, it is all about our daily habits. The way in which, we chose to consume our products. It turns out that we unknowingly consume something like 100,000 Microparticles of plastic per year. That does not sound like a good or healthy choice to be making. This is because tiny particles of plastics come off of the food and drink containers also from micro plastics building up in the environment.

Ben Folge on the Victoria Darbyshire show was eloquently highlighting the issue. You can get more information on twitter @protectparadise. His aim is to get each person to give up one piece of single use plastic for a month. It is better that 100 percent of people make a 10 percent change than 10 percent making a 100 percent change. If we choose the plastic free alternative, then the organisations choosing to continue to manufacture with plastics will have no other choice than to improve and offer alternatives.

Single use plastics are often food and drink related. However, they are present elsewhere too. It is all those little bits of plastic wrapping, you know the ones.

Make a little change today to help the world tomorrow.

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ShereWater Jewellery

ShereWater Jewellery

As a dog walker I often end up picking up the tiniest of bits of plastic on my way and popping them into my bag - any little helps especially in off the road areas.

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