First attempt at organising a Craft event

After 3 years of making my own craft items and going to craft events and festivals, it dawned on me that the place I work full time has an amazing space for a craft event. I talked to the management and they all agreed that it would be a really good thing to try. I am not doing it to benefit myself, but to help support the charity that I work for. Im feeling very anxious about the whole things. Very similar to the very first time I put my own crafted items on show for people to buy.

I have made sure that legally we are covered to hold an event, making sure vendors have there own PLI of course. I have measured the room to see roughly how many stalls we can accommodate, and I have booked the date in the lettings diary. I have to makes sure that a risk assessment is done to cover ourselves.

As stated before I am very anxious, What if I set up and no one comes, what if stall holders dont apply for a stall what if, what if, what it. Anyway, I can see the potential pitfalls, I just need to have confidence that all is going to be good. My employers are willing to make it a regular event if it goes well.

That was my first ever blog, thank you if you read it, and I would be grateful of any constructive criticisms.

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