Preparation is key

Preparation is key

I remember huffing and puffing when my parents used to insist on things being done in a particular order, or make passing comment when I had my first home about how I - should have prepared the wall properly... - before I decorated. Why couldnt I just get on with it (whatever it may have been) my own way!

Needless to say, as often is proved by parents, they were right! If we prepare things properly in the first place, however long that may take, the end result is always much better and the same is true with arts and crafts.

My husband in particular often says I take too long to complete a project but, what he hasnt always been party to, is the preparation of an item before I start to paint the chosen design. Whether the project is papier mache, MDF or solid wood, there will be a need to prepare the surface ready for the design to be put on. This may be in the form of base painting, sanding or sometimes both.

Whatever your project to get the very best final result then I believe preparation really is key. What do you think?

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