Every one matters

Every one matters

I organised a series of 4 workshops to take place at my nearest Hobby Craft store some time ago. The first took place two weeks ago and the second one this morning. In spite of much advertising, to date only had one person has booked.

Those of you who run workshops or classes will know the effort that goes into providing your students with good quality tools and teaching and, as my nearest store is over 10 miles away would (hopefully) understand if I decided to reschedule these sessions. However, I am very glad I didnít.

The young lady who attends comes along with her support worker as she is someone living with Downs Syndrome and her name is Izzy. This activity gives her something to focus on and she is thoroughly enjoying being creative. Her brush strokes may not be what they should be but that really isnít the issue. What Izzy gets out of the sessions far outweighs technical know-how and seeing her lovely smiling face at what she produces certainly outweighs the viability of running a workshop for one.

I believe every oerson matters in this world and decided to practise what I preach with these sessions and very happy to do so. Izzyís joy at the end of the morning is priceless.

Photo used with permission

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It is great to hear that Izzy gained so much from your workshop. It is a shame she did not have more people to share the experience with but as you say still very worth organising.

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