Start of 2019 Events for Creative Crafts

Its the start of our season and its great that we already have some events that are fully booked. They are Gordale 8-10 March, Marple Garden Centre 15th - 17th March, Dobdies Chesterfield 5 - 7 April. This is a great start for visitors and traders alike.

We are always looking for new stall holders to join us at events and would welcome any enquiries from you to let us check for availability .
Full Details of all events can be found on our website.

Something we would like to promote more this year is Crafters who would like to demonstrate their crafts at some of our events. So far this year we have been approached by wood turners, a potter, and a lady who uses a loom. We also have an artist who attends some events and a glass painter. If you would be interested in Demonstrating please do get in touch to enquire about our special offers.

One event in particular would be our Capesthorne Hall event 4th - 6th May which is the Bank Holiday weekend. We have plenty of room within the site we rent at Capesthorne Hall to house many Marquees and Gazeebos !

Hope you contact us for more information
Regards Andrew


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