It is February and the Christmas rush has passed. Many people are grateful that the financial demands of Yuletide have gone and the never ending January has ended. Now people can begin to regroup and plan for the coming year. For all the team at Raven Arts we are now busy designing, creating, painting, assembling all our ideas for Craft Markets, Online sales and yes, very much so with Christmas 2019 in mind! If it seems early, believe me it isnt. February is a time of trying out new ideas, tweaking old ideas and trying to do better than the year before, whilst also smiling, laughing and having the ability to take critique, even if just a little...well not too much... ok, please just a tiny, tiny bit!

This year we are hoping to be present at as many craft markets as possible. To do this though we have had to get down to the nitty gritty. Carving in the workshop by P. He has been inundated with commissions recently and has wood shavings coming out of his ears. His new designs for businesses are already beginning to turn heads. C is organising everybody, whilst being the powerhouse behind pushing us forward. New candles and pots are being developed as I write, using our own designs, some of which are adapted from Os paintings. T is creating with fabric, and busy designing her unique childrens clothes. O is having painters block and cant decide if he wants to create new watercolours or acrylics? All which depend on what mood he wakes up in? Needless to say we are all setting out on new creativity and daily challenges. We hope to post you plenty of pictures of products that you can purchase at the markets as well as keeping you up to date with the madness behind Raven Arts.

So welcome to our little corner of the world. I hope you enjoy reading about us and keep popping back to our site to see pictures and posts about our road to the Markets of 2019.


Raven Arts

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