Getting out in the community.

Getting out in the community. There is nothing in the world like writing a childrens book, then getting out into the community to see their reaction to it. Last week I had the pleasure of visiting a local pre school playgroup. The children were ages 3 and 4. I had pitched my book for ages 3 to 8 years old so it was a good experiment to read the book to see the response between different age groups, and to see who would be the most receptive. All the children were listening attentively, apart from a couple of children aged 3 who started fidgeting as bit towards the end of the reading. It was the 4 year olds I am pleased to report that not only enjoyed the story, but also took on its true meaning and were able to ask me questions. I also learned from one little boy that Arty was his favourite character! I have been invited to visit Hook Infant School in World Book Week, (week of 4-8th March 2019) to read my book. Because of the classroom sizes I will get to read it 12 times. I should know it off by heart by them. lol It takes about 10 minutes to read. As long as I have plenty of liquid refreshment I should be fine! I am delighted to say that my second book The Travelling Theatre Show has been accepted by the publishers so I am no longer a one trick pony. I am looking forward to the craft fair on 12th May at the Hilton Bracknell. Will I see any of you there?


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That is good news. Being in the top 100 is a great result.

Do you know that if you add your book to the site as a shop item, you can include a link to your amazon book store?

Linda Beckett

Linda Beckett

Had a brilliant time yesterday at a local Coffee and Connect meeting. Meet lots of lovely people who were very enthusiastic about the book and said they would buy it. I also had an invite to appear on a radio show! Also had a connection on LinkedIn from Nigeria who said he would be buying the book. It just shows connections are the key to success!

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