Finally took the Plunge

Finally took the Plunge

Believe it or not it has taken me over 3 years to join UK Craft Fairs. Not out of laziness just the opposite I get so busy making the selling part and networking part just gets neglected. It would be great to get out more! I get so engrossed in my creativity I forget there is a world out there. I love my own company the only one that really gets me out is my dog Napoleon, his needs for exercise pushes me to get out into nature. I always feel completely refreshed and inspired after a good long walk in the woods and grateful for this.

I live in a wonderful part of Wiltshire, between Salisbury and Bath, with Bristol a stones throw away too. This year I am really going to set myself goals and targets to be more involved with markets and craft fairs.

Thank you for visiting my page I really appreciate it and if you leave me some feedback I would love it even more.

The image is taken from Alexandra Park looking down on Bath.

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