Sewing Team Days

Sewing Team Days

Sewing is a traditional craft where regardless of experience or talent anyone can sew something.

Sewing is also a craft where beautiful things can be created and finished within a few minutes or hours and things made can be suitable for everyone.

Sewing can also be done by individuals or groups and is a reliatively safe craft. You can even avoid pins these days with handy plastic clips instead!

As such sewing is ideal for team and group events.

SewingForYou offers sewing clubs, individual sewing classes, hen parties, birthday parties and team building events from a studio in Oxfordshire.

Recently, a team away day was hosted for the Corporate Governance Team from the Great Western Hospital in Swindon. The Team has had new members in recent weeks and because they each have demanding jobs providing legal and compliance services in a busy hospital, finding time for team building during a working day is impossible.

The Team Day (held on a Sunday afternoon) was a way of having time out from the office to get to know each other better, build relationships to support team working, but most importantly to have some fun.

The Team helped each other with choosing and cutting fabrics, threading machines and following instructions.

Everyone made a beautiful hanging organiser using colourful cottons and threads. There was a lot of laughter and the afternoon tea and cake was enjoyed by all!

The Team had “show and tell” on Monday morning back in the office to proudly show the lovely fabric hanging organisers and to share their team day with those colleagues who were unable to make the day. Everyone had such fun, the Team want to come back for another team day.

Word has got round and now two other Teams from the Great Western Hospital want a sewing day too!


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