Get your shop to work for you

Get your shop to work for you

What can you do to make your UKCraftFairs shop work harder for you?

UKCraftFairs has designed the shop functionality around patrons attending events to pick up Click and Collect shop items. The aim is to get people out to events and visiting you. If you have a physical shop or workshop for customers to visit, you can include that too.

To create a shop that works, you need a nice listing with a main image. You need to link to or list the fairs you are attending, and you need to add items into your shop. The good news is that just about everything else is done for you.

All the shop items you add will appear on your page. Items that are marked as handmade and where you have included a price will also appear in the showcase and shop on the site. This can help attract more visitors to your main page and to highlight to organisers the quality of your work.

As there is no limit to the number of shop items you can add, make sure you add at least half a dozen. Square images work best, take your time to include a full description, as each shop item gets its own webpage.

Once you have added your shop items, take the time to review them. Find them in the shop and take a look at the page, thinking about how a visitor may feel about your description and image.

As there is no financial transaction on the site, there is no commission for you to pay.

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