Let me introduce you to Twisted Workshop

Let me introduce you to Twisted Workshop

Hello again!

This week I have decided to introduce you to Brian from Twisted Workshop. The name might well ring a bell because he is a member of UK Craft Fairs in his own right. It is a pleasure and an honour for Praenuntia to carry some of his products.

So here is, introducing himself:

My name is Brian. Welcome to my world of something different. Twisted Workshop was started in 2012 after a friend, knowing my interest in knots and Celtic style weaving, asked if I could make a choker using a particular weave. Looking into the market, I found that there wasnt a lot of choice if you wanted something different. The ethos behind Twisted Workshop is to hand make jewellery with Celtic, Gothic, Steampunk, Alternative and statement themes that are unique and different using good quality materials including chain, paracord, nylon, wood and metal. Over the years, I have developed a style unique to me. I am always coming up with new ideas!

Brians necklaces and bracelets are stunning and quite the conversation starters. I own one choker made of metal and paracord and I cant spend a day wearing it without someone asking me where I got it from!

Thank you for reading this blog post! Have a great week!

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