Is it worth doing what we want do

So I set up The Insult Emporium back in April 2018 with a hope and dream of designing and creating my own range of funny and rude Greetings Cards. I have done just that and its been ticking over since then, all the while creating new ranges along with the seasonal events. We have our shop on Etsy and get a fair few passers by who come to browse and place orders, and on the whole its been OK, I cant afford to retire yet but hey, who can?
Ive started to look at exhibiting at Craft Fairs, locally at first, just to see what happens with a dream to get to London and host at Top Drawer in Olympia, or Progressive Greetings in June? Would love to do it but Im quickly finding out how much this all costs?! Insurance, stand equipment, advertising, stock...the list goes on and on.
Dont get me wrong, Im finally doing what I want to do and I love it, but when you get knock-backs and turned away from shops as they already have chosen suppliers, it can get very frustrating, hence my question...
Is it worth doing what we want to do?

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