2019 Mayfair Bazaar Some Space Available

2019 Mayfair Bazaar Some Space Available The RAF Mildenhall Spouses Association is looking for quality merchants who wish to participate in our 2019 Mayfair Bazaar to be held 26th, 27th, and 28th of April (http://bit.ly/2S2K1B9). This event, now in its 49th year, attracts over 7,000 patrons from the Mildenhall/Lakenheath military community in Suffolk. The event is held on the Mildenhall Air Force base in an aircraft hangar – a truly unique venue! However, due to the environment and security concerns, we have a limited number of spaces available. Our goal this year is to invite new and exciting vendors, brining novel merchandise to our military community. Many of these military families are in country for a short time, positioning the annual Bazaar as a great way for them to experience the wonderful crafts of the UK!

We opened our invitation process last week and we’re already at 40 percent occupancy. If you’ve been looking for a way to tap into the profitable American military community with your trade, the Mayfair Bazaar provides an excellent opportunity. We operate on a 100 percent flat-fee basis with no commissions taken to ensure you maximize your sales. Our 10 ft x 10 ft ( and 8776 3m x 3m) booth space is only £250 for the entire 3-day event and includes a table and two chairs if needed. We have larger booths and electric outlets also available.

If you’re interested, we invite you to check out our online registration page (http://bit.ly/2S2K1B9), our Facebook page(https://www.facebook.com/MildenhallMayfairBazaar/), and our merchant agreement (http://bit.ly/mayfair_agreement) for additional details. Please let us know what questions you have and we hope to see you in April!


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