Let me introduce you to URSULA

Let me introduce you to URSULA

First of all, Have a very Happy and Creative New Year!

I launched Praenuntia last year in order to bring together artists who make beautiful handcrafted jewellery. I cant wait to introduce all of them to you!

Let us start with the vibrant URSULA and her ever so colourful African jewellery:

Africa is my inspiration and my studio in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, is my joy. Nothing makes me happier than enjoying the view of my garden, stringing away colourful beads to create vibrant, beautiful necklaces and bracelets.
I use traditional beads that I source from African markets. Some beads are made of recycled glass: the glass is ground into a thin powder and heated and shaped into beads. For me using these beads is recycling at its best as it turns something which was used and discarded into beauty. I use all sorts of beads from the well known trade beads to the magnificent looking monochrome beads made of camel bones!

Please do come and have a look at URSULAs collection at praenuntia.com !

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