A very small persons big ideas a small business

A very small persons big ideas a small business

... and a very long story made short. Emilia loves to design and create things, and I (thats me) love to let her do the things she enjoys. After taking part in a successful small business project at school and later making personalised birthday and Christmas cards and gifts for family and friends, she wondered aloud if she could start a business for herself. Being shes only 7 years old, its not quite as simple as that, but with a little help from me here we are.

Aside from designing a lot of the products, she also makes some of the components we use herself by recycling other materials into new crafting items we can use to create totally unique beautiful pieces, we hope pretty soon to have enough additional components ready to sell to other crafters. Were particularly fond of her paper-crafts using our handmade paper and thankfully so are our customers!

emiliaandme.co.uk is our primary website where we list all our handmade, handcrafted, bespoke and personalised gifts and cards, share some of emilias kids design and crafting ideas, and getting ready to launch her pet project ScartiCraft in the new year.

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Pats Petals

Pats Petals

Hi Emilia and mum
My name is Tricia and I think Emilias craft is lovely hope you had a lovely Christmas Emilia and mum. Good luck. Tricia.

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