Craft stall madness

Ive just has the worst craft stall experience this last Fri/Sat. On Friday, I turned up expecting 11 other stall holders to be there, only to find that there were 3! I think maybe 8-10 people passed my stall with only 3 stopping/slowing down to have a look at my wares. On Saturday, nearly all the stall holders turned up, but again the footfall was atrocious. I sold a hat out of frustration! At least it was a sale, eh. After all the effort to make extra xmas goodies and to make myself and my stall festive, I just hit an all time low, so Ive decided to vent here, sorry folks.

Im desperate to show off my wares, as many people keep telling me that they are well made and nice, but no more fairs booked and am not sure I want to go, after this last episode.

Im not sure words of encouragement can help but just to hear of your ways of picking yourselves up and carrying on might do the trick.

Sorry for the grumpy start.



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