So Just Why Do We Spin

This is a question that I am frequently asked, however the answer isnt always what one expect to hear. I dont particularly knit and my crochet skills are painful to watch, so just why do I do it?

The most important thing to me about spinning is my fabulous little sheep, the North Ronaldsays. Anybody who knows me will tell you that I can be rather too enthusiastic about them sometimes, if that is even possible! I keep them all from birth through to their natural end and of course each one is named and known by sight and their own destinctive bleat! The fact that they are endangered makes this even more poignant however. They really need to be appreciated and nurtured to ensure that the breed continues for generations to come. Their existence is fragile which is one of the reasons that I chose the breed initially as well as being such a delight to watch.

Their appeal is definitely in the range of colours, from white to fawn to silver grey and black with so many variations in between. I find it immensly exciting to watch the lambs mature to their grown-up colours only to find when I spin the wool that it usually looks nothing like I expected it to. It isnt until the final skein has been washed and dried that the whole years efforts are rewarded with an unexpected but magical shade of the original fleece.

I also remember reading a question posted on Social Media asking whether as spinners we spin to relax or whether we have to be relaxed to spin. For me that is so easy to answer. I have to be relaxed to spin and really feel the need to do so. Although it is most definitely a relaxing pastime I totally refuse to spin if I am in a slightly off mood. I just do not want to contaminate my wool or the process with bad vibes. I think it is the one area of my oh so ridiculously busy lifestyle that gives me a real pleasure all for me. Nobody else in the family really understands it and thats the way Iike it!

One of my other fascinating life choices is that of intuitive animal communication. Yes I really am learning how to connect with my animals not only my dogs and horses but those little sheep too. Anyway that means that I have had to take a huge step back and really get to know who I really am. Now I know that all sounds a bit deep but bear with me. One of the most useful things I have learnt to do is to meditate. And before you ask I do not, indeed cannot sit crossed legged chanting to myself. What I do do though is...SPIN! For those of you who already enjoy spinning you will understand that just sitting somewhere peaceful, whether that is in the sunshine or cosy by the fire, and losing yourself in the silent rhythm of the wheel and just being, is indeed the most relaxing, meditative state. It just puts the world right. I know there has been a lot of discussions in the media recently about the positive effects on mental health that crafting can create and I can certainly understand why. So if you are feeling a little on the stressed side then just pick up some wonderful fluffiness and get spinning. I promise happy thoughts!

So there are just a couple of the reasons why I love my hand spinning. Maybe next time I shall explain why I love to teach other people how to spin too. Now that could be a interesting subject! So over to you. Do please share your reasons for spinning or indeed for indulging in any other fibre craft. Im fascinated to know.

Until next month... Keeeeeep spinning...

Theresa x


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