The Process of Change

The Process of Change

Transformation is a process that we all find ourselves in and one thing I love about working with pearls and lava beads is that I am so aware of the process that each has been through before they are seen. So like our lives! Are we not all in a constant process of change as we work through or deal with all that has happened to us in life, often hidden from those around us?

Consider the pearl...

It starts with an uncomfortable disturbance in the very centre and vulnerable part of the oyster. How does it cope? By enveloping the disturbance or irritation with a substance called nacre, and building layer upon layer, the oyster continues until the original cause is no longer seen, but sealed with a substance which has soothed and protected

Nacre is the same material that forms the shell of the oyster and is composed of millions of microscopic crystals, giving the pearl it produces its iridescent appearance, reflecting light

How long does this process take? Years! An oyster does not stop building these layers of nacre over the original disturbance all the time that disturbance remains inside the oyster. The exquisite beauty of what is being formed, the pearl, hidden from view until that moment when the oyster is opened

Is the oyster aware that it has produced such exquisite iridescent beauty? No! It just deals with what it needs to do to make its life bearable. The beauty of what is produced only evident to those who look in from the outside

So many parallels to our lives. How many people have you met that have been through experiences which have affected the very core of their beings but, through process over time, have become the most beautiful people. I have been privileged to meet some. They carry a beauty which, once seen, marks the soul. A beauty that transcends the ordinary

And what is this soothing, protective, light reflecting substance that layer upon layer conceals what originally offends?...For the oyster, the original disturbance will always be part of its story but will remain concealed and sealed within that pearl of exquisite beauty

What is our story?

Perhaps like the lava bead...

Spat out of ferocious fire, hurled into unknown territory. left to be part of the scenery, seemingly having little or no potential, unattractive ...until... one who knows, one who creates, sees potential, sees purpose and fashions out of the seemingly unremarkable, distinct beauty and the ability to carry a fragrance which brings healing, touches the emotions, lifts the spirit. How awesome!

Different processes but brought together to produce the exquisite, the remarkable. How I love working with them!

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