Selling on Etsy seems to be getting harder

Selling on Etsy seems to be getting harder

Ive had an online shop on Etsy for just under a year now and have noticed a big difference over that time. They have change many things, such as allowing non handmade good to be sold. They have also changed the way search results work, meaning that larger, handmade items (such as my steel roses) that are not bought frequently (such as card etc that are cheaper to produce and sell) do not end up at the top of buyers search results. Not to mention the minefield of free shipping.

Im getting a little fed up with it and wondered if anyone out there knows another good place online to sell things that are handmade, as well as custom made.

In the meantime, its markets that may save me, where people can see and feel the quality and understand the work that goes into making things by hand. Ive learnt a lot during my first two markets and next weekend is my third. So fingers crossed.


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If a member of UKCraftFairs adds a shop window to their listing and then lists events they are attending - as you have done - then people can use the Click and Collect service. People can not buy directly from the site, as we want to promote getting out to events and craft shops. However, with no commission to pay, hopefully it is a win win for both the customer and the seller.

We would welcome your feedback on the Click and Collect service.

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