Introducing myself

Introducing myself

My name is Marie, and I have always loved sewing, purely as a hobby, and used to make a lot of cross stitched and embroidered gifts for family and friends. In 2003, a good friend of mine introduced me to machine embroidery and I was immediately hooked on the possibilities and details that I could explore. I bought my first machine second hand and loved it, but I was limited to the size of embroideries that I could do, so I bought a newer bigger machine with better scope and that was it... I was in my element. I would sew on anything and everything as I learned the capabilities of the machine (and my own limitations too) and my husband used to joke that nothing could sit still in our house for fear of being embroidered on!

I started out playing with the machine and making gifts for friends and family, and then I began to receive orders from people who had seen what I was doing. In 2004, the time had come to make my little enterprise official and Machine Embroidery by Marie was born.

Since then, I have bought another embroidery machine (even bigger scope for embroideries) and a quilting machine to construct the quilts that I make.

I buy a lot of my designs from the USA and Australia and have my favourite designers who never fail to tempt me into buying their creations.

I have done some craft fairs in the past and am looking forward to seeing where I can exhibit my work with UKCraftFairs. I find that sometimes craft fairs can be a little hit and miss with regard to customers, but they are always good fun and a chance to meet and interact with other craftspeople. There are some very clever people about.

I take orders for my work, especially cushions and quilts, and I look forward to posting again and showing what I have been making.


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You are correct that visitor numbers at fairs can vary, as can their willingness to purchase on the day. As events are one off special occasions it can be a good idea to offer something as an incentive on the day. A little like the UKCraftFairs members 5% discount available on Click and Collect. There is nothing to stop you, offering it on the day.

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