Exhibiting my clocks

Exhibiting my clocks Hi my name is chris I have Ijust joined u.k crafts last week everything is new and exciting to me, I cant wait to get going and and start exhibiting my clocks around the north east fairs, I still have a few loose ends to clear before I can get going, can anyone give me any tips on what you need to do ore take with me, I would be very gratefull, I am hoping to attend my first fair sometime next month Regards Chris.


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It is a good idea to set up a table at home so you can see how it looks. Put together a plastic box with a lid that holds all the things you use like the table cloth, scissors, stands, pen and paper and all the other bits and bobs, ready for any event. You can print some business cards from the site, if you do not have any, it is a good idea to put at least something in with each purchase to attract repeat business or attract new customers. Have a read of the Business of arts and crafts page for more detailed advice.

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