Survived my first Market

Survived my first Market I attended the Mynt Image Craft market at Guilford on Saturday 8th September and enjoyed every minute. Paul, who was managing the event ensured we all knew what we were doing, confirmed times with us and made us all comfortable for the day, he even gave us a quick H and S talk to ensure we knew what to do if things went wrong. He then spent most of the day outside advertising the event, calling out and spinning his sign, fantastic work.
Personally I had worked hard all week (as well as the weeks before) to get ready, ensure I had enough stock, that was all handmade by myself, and all the paraphernalia one needs to sell at the market, such as display shelves and lighting, as well as Card reader and a float etc. I spent all day on my feet, chatting to potential customers and other stall holders when it was quiet. This turned out to be a great move, engaging with people, I didnt sell that much but the activity on web site when I got home had gone up considerably. The few sales I did make were mostly by card, so I was really please I had set that all up and everything worked well. Most importantly I learned a lot, what to do and what not to do, by watching other stall holders and seeing how people reacted to my items, so I have a lot to think about and get better for my next market at the weekend in Salisbury.


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It is really good to see that you got so much out of the event.

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