NEW Childrens Picture Story Books

NEW Childrens Picture Story Books

I am delighted to have now written, illustrated and self-published two, in a new series of childrens picture story books!

Both cute, rhyming tales with endearing illustrations, follow the antics of the farm and woodland creatures living in or near Yew Tree Farm. Each story also gently explores certain social or behaviour issues, within the safety of the animals world- with that all-important happy ending of course!

Included in both books are optional Guidance Notes at the back, which provide possible questions and answers regarding the topics covered in the stories.

New Kid on the Block focuses mainly on friendship and anti-bullying issues.

The Show-stopper explores behaviour consequences and moral dilemmas.

A Dare Too Far outlines the danger of dares, and respect for others.

Available now, from Amazon- please see shop items for details.


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